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A modern, flexible and easy way of travelling with RegioJet lines.

It offers its holders a number of great advantages:

  • Purchasing tickets for the lowest prices.
  • Making and cancelling reservations free of charge by means of a text message or online at regiojet.com
  • One RegioJet Pay for all yellow lines – national and international, including Regiojet train services.
  • The number of bookings on a RegioJet Pay is only limited by the amount of credit.
  • Topping-up credit online by a bank card or bank transfer to account (the booking must always be paid for from the credit) or at our points of sale.
  • Online evaluation of the service, and services offered on board of coaches or trains.

How to get a RegioJet Pay?

Don't want to waste time buying a ticket at a point of sale? Buy an Electronic Ticket online. It is a ticket purchased online at www.regiojet.com. The ticket is issued for a specific route, date, and time. You can make changes or cancel the ticket online, in the mobile app, or at our points of sale according to the conditions for cancellations and changes given on the ticket.

Do you travel by bus or train several times a year? Get one or more Open tickets for the given route. These are tickets purchased at a point of sale which are not issued for a specific route, date, or time. You can make or cancel a booking free of charge via a text message, or after signing in to the online booking system at www.regiojet.com.

How does an Open Ticket work?

Open ticket is in fact a credit paid in advance for a single use by which you pay the price of the ticket for the service you require. At the websites www.regiojet.com you sign in by entering the number stated on the ticket and choose a train or coach service. You can book an Open ticket up to 5 minutes before the departure of the service! If you decide not to travel, you can cancel the reservation free of charge 30 minutes before the departure of the service at the latest (15 minutes for train services). Your credit is then available for further booking. We will return the unused part of the credit to you at our points of sale, or to your current account, if you paid the transaction by a bank card.

What do I show on the bus or train?

At the check-in you will need to present a printed Open ticket or its number.

It is a ticket purchased at a point of sale, issued for a specific route, date and time. When checking in, you do not have to have the ticket with you, knowing its number is enough. You can change the booking of this ticket at our points of sale or at www.regiojet.com, for a fee.

FLEXI Ticket is the basic fare for all international bus services.

FLEXI Ticket general terms and conditions:

  • Reservations, changes in reservations or cancellations of reservations can be made online at www.regiojet.com, via our mobile app, by phone on +420 222 222 221, or in person at our points of sale.
  • The conditions applying to cancellations or changes in reservations can be found in the conditions valid for the specific ticket.
  • The ticket is, as a rule, issued in the name of the passenger.
  • When buying the ticket or paying for it on the bus, the FLEXI Ticket fare always applies.
  • A return FLEXI ticket is valid for 12 months from the date of the departure of the first journey. The first journey is always issued for a specific date. Return FLEXI tickets are only available for selected destinations, and cannot be purchased on the bus.

A number of discounts apply to FLEXI Tickets:

  • Youths under 26 years of age
  • Children under 15 years of age
  • Seniors over 60 years of age
  • ISIC, EYCA, EYCA Student, and ALIVE card holders
  • 5th ticket FREE OF CHARGE
  • Group discount
  • For more details about the individual discounts, click here.

Tickets purchased on the train

Prices can differ when tickets are purchased in the online booking system, at RegioJet and STUDENT AGENCY branches, and when the tickets are bought on the train itself. In general, tickets are sold at higher prices on the train. We therefore recommend you to buy your ticket in advance, preferably using the Credit Ticket.

You can find out the price valid for purchase on the train for a particular stop and train from the sellers at our points of sale, or on our 24/7 information hotline +420 222 222 221.

See the current pricelist for more details