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Gwarancja odjazdu

You will not lose your money even if you are flying to New Zealand!

The Departure Guarantee is a new complementary service for RegioJet buses and trains. It pays all yellow line passengers heading to one of Europe’s airports. You are guaranteed a refund of the cost of a missed air ticket if there is a delay in a connection. Paying just an extra € 4 per person is worth it. After all, the missed air ticket is much more expensive.

It's simple

The Departure Guarantee service is available online when booking a ticket or directly at the point of sale when buying a ticket. You can decide to do it up to 24 hours before you leave for the bus or train connection. It is easy to order it for your already purchased ticket.

When it looks like a delay

Our goal is to get you to your flight on time. We will do our utmost to do so, including providing alternative transport. If you still do not get your flight, we will refund you the full amount for the missed flight, including airport charges. When you rebook your ticket, you will get paid the difference between the price of the new and the original air ticket.

RegioJet buses and trains go to European airports every day

We will take you to all major international airports comfortably, safely and with superior service.

Václava Havla Prague

Frankfurt Airport

Dresden International

*   Reset your departure destination in the „From“ box.

Ferenc Liszt Budapest

Schönefeld Berlin

Franz Josef Strauß Munich

International Airport Vienna

Köln Bonn Airport

Flughafen Stuttgart

Please do not forget

We provide the Departure Guarantee service only if the minimum time is kept. When planning your timetable, therefore, think about a long enough time between the arrival of the RegioJet connection according to the timetable and the departure time of the aircraft *). If this condition is not met, the Guarantee does not apply.

min. 2.5 hours

flights to the Schengen area

min. 3.5 hours

outside the Schengen area

*)  The RegioJet arrival time is in the timetable, the departure time is shown on the air ticket.


Frequently asked questions

  • What documents should I provide as a confirmation that my aircraft flew?

Please ask your airline for a missed departure confirmation. The written form must have the airline’s stamp. The electronic form (e-mail) must have the airline’s electronic signature. The documents must be submitted to RegioJet within 30 days of the missed departure.

  • Will you return my money for the ordered Departure Guarantee if I cancel the RegioJet ticket?

This supplementary service is irrevocable, so the fee for it is not refunded to the passenger.

  • When can I not order the service?

If you are travelling to a non-airport destination. In this case, you will not be offered the service in the sales system.

  • My journey includes a transfer; can I order the Guarantee all the way?

If you have a transfer ticket in any combination of a RegioJet train or bus or a partner carrier, the service is available and we recommend it. Your whole trip must be on one ticket. The guarantee applies only to the ticket for which it is purchased.

  • Which RegioJet lines does the Departure Guarantee service cover?

The departure guarantee covers all connections operated by STUDENT AGENCY, k.s., RegioJet a.s. and other partner carriers (e.g. DeutscheBahn, SAD Prešov and others).

We will be pleased to answer your questions


Send us an email or call +420 222 222 221. We are here for you at our customer service.